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Fic | By the hour (girl!Matt/Near, past girl!Matt/girl!Mello)

Title: By the hour
Author: Jenwryn
Pairing: girl!Matt/Near, past girl!Matt/girl!Mello
Rating: PG
Warnings: Genderswap; I suppose spoilers for canon, even though AU, if anyone cares?
Length: 732 words
A/N: It is forever since I have seen this fandom.
Summary: Matt is a writer, in her head; numbers and letters and < and / and >.
Links: A03 || Dreamwidth
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Artist and Author: Karadin
Category: Gen
Fandoms: BBC SHERLOCK crossover DEATH NOTE
Characters Sherlock, John Watson, L Lawliet
Rating R
Genre: crime drama mystery suspense humor
Warnings violence, language, bromance (if you look for it)
Sherlock Holmes created by Arthur Conan Doyle
Sherlock (BBC 2010) created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss
DEATH NOTE created by Tsumgumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata

*Story is written on the premise that readers might not be familiar with source material from either Sherlock (2010) or Death Note* This is a work of fiction, a parody; no remuneration is taken by the author. Illustrations copyright Karadin 2010 all rights reserved.

Synopsis: Just before Christmas Sherlock and John are called to a grisly crime scene with one small survivor
PART ONE word count 3,050
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Because everything goes with Death Note

Pencil on Paper and Photoshop
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Drawing mojo came back today, sketched this out while watching SHERLOCK, the new series from the BBC.
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Death Note Kids

Here are their costumes - though son has said he wants to be Ultraman again this year, at least I got pics today!
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Bieber Note - Death Note Fan Art by Karadin

Sorry Bieber fans, I just noticed that Justin's been getting accolades for his shag hairstyle, and I know one Japanese God of the New World would be peeved to hear it. It's more an indictment on Light's vanity, not Mr. Bieber's talent!

Artist Karadin
Medium paper on pencil, photoshop
warnings none
Crit welcome

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Fandom: Death Note

Artist Karadin
Medium - cake and chocolate
Crit yes

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